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I Am Kloot

Hold Back The Night Digital Download (Standard Edition)


Release Date: 13/04/2015

I Am Kloot "Hold Back The Night" digital download live album. 20 tracks. 

1. These Days Are Mine
2. Northern Skies
3. 86 TVs
4. Bullets
5. One Man Brawl
6. Let Them All In
7. Shoeless
8. Hold Back The Night
9. I Still Do
10. Fingerprints
11. Morning Rain
12. To The Brink
13. Some Better Day
14. Lately
15. Dead Men's Cigarettes
16. Radiation
17. Proof
18. Because
19. Twist
20. From Your Favourite Sky

Five tracks available to download immediately - Proof, Northern Skies, No Fear Of Falling, Dark Star, From Your Favourite Sky.

These Days Are Mine 6:50 Bundle only
Northern Skies 4:10 Bundle only
86 TVs 3:26 Bundle only
Bullets 3:46 Bundle only
One Man Brawl 3:49 Bundle only
Let Them All In 4:25 Bundle only
Shoeless 3:19 Bundle only
Hold Back The Night 5:00 Bundle only
I Still Do 3:37 Bundle only
Fingerprints 4:29 Bundle only
Morning Rain 3:40 Bundle only
To The Brink 4:44 Bundle only
Some Better Day 3:05 Bundle only
Lately 4:08 Bundle only
Dead Men's Cigarettes 3:19 Bundle only
Radiation 6:17 Bundle only
Proof 3:27 Bundle only
Because 5:17 Bundle only
Twist 3:45 Bundle only
From Your Favourite Sky 3:32 Bundle only
Dark Star 2:31 Bundle only
No Fear Of Falling 2:58 Bundle only